Clément Single Cask Canne Bleue 4 years old cask 20130049 40°.

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Wood - Sweet spices - Fruit - Round - Plant


Rum - Rum AOC Martinique - Pure cane juice rum

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Clément Single Cask Canne Bleue 4 years old cask 20130049 40° : Description and customer reviews

This Clément Single Cask Canne Bleue 4 ans is an AOC Martinique agricultural rum. It was produced in a very limited edition (368 bottles).

This is a single-varietal rum that has been distilled in a copper Creole column at the Simon distillery. Originally from the island of Barbados, the Blue Cane takes its name from its abundant wax giving it a bluish colour. The rum was then aged for over 4 years in a single American oak barrel bearing the number 20130049.

Nico's tasting note

The nose shows a pleasant balance between fresh cane and nuts, which come together in a fruity and slightly waxed syrup. The fruits rise in intensity quite quickly, they are concentrated and sweet, very exotic.

With a bit of aeration, the woodiness comes to the fore, pushed to the fore by fat almonds and hazelnuts, close to peanuts. Some green and resinous tannins mingle with the vegetal aspect of the fresh cane, to bring a livelier and drier side.

On the palate, the cane juice is sweet but still very fresh, full of herbal flavours, citrus zest and peppery bark. All of this begins to mellow gently, taking on a patina of soft wood, sweet spice, and then adopting a round, bold feel.

The finish is sweet and slightly spicy; we find the same balance between cane and nuts that we experienced on the first nose.

"A smooth and balanced rum that presents the Martinique style with roundness and simplicity..."

2 reviews

  1. Bernadette

    Clément Single Cask Canne Bleue is an exceptional rum, a little surprising at first. But you quickly become a fan, given the flavours that linger in your mouth.

  2. Thierry DUFOUR

    This Clément Single Cask Canne Bleue 4 years old is greedy, woody and balanced, with a long finish.

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