Clément Single Cask Vanille Intense 3 years old cask 20130038 40,8°.

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Rum - Pure cane juice rum

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Clément Single Cask Vanille Intense 3 ans fût 20130038 40,8° : Description and customer reviews

This Clement Single Cask Vanille Intense was casked on 1 May 2016 and then aged in the Georges Louis cellar.

It has the particularity of having spent 3 years and 10 months in an oak barrel which has undergone intense toasting, giving it intense vanilla aromas!

The bottling of this cask numbered 20130038 resulted in 642 bottles.

The original packaging is 100% ecological and recyclable like the other bottles of the "Vanille Intense" series.

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  1. nicolas

    I was expecting intense vanilla on the palate and all I got was a not very pleasant woodiness at the beginning of the mouth

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