Damoiseau White 50° - Cubi BIB Bag-In-Box 4,5 litres !

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Flowers - Fresh - Fruit - Dry


Rhum blanc - Rhum pur jus de canne


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Damoiseau White 50° - Cubi BIB Bag-In-Box 4,5 litres ! Description and customer reviews

This white Guadeloupean rum, made from pure cane juice (distilled from pressed and fermented cane juice), has a strength of around 70° when it leaves the column still. It is then placed in wooden casks of several hundred hectolitres to be stirred and aerated for a period of 3 to 6 months. During this maturation period, the volatile compounds gradually evaporate. Before bottling, it is gently reduced to 50° by adding spring water.

Damoiseau Blanc 50° was awarded the gold medal at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris in 2007 and 2011.

Nico's tasting notes

In short: cane - straight - frank - citrus - pepper - balanced

The nose is besieged by a full and round cane, which immediately gives the impression of a true white agricultural rum of tradition. It has everything you've come for: cane juice, a little citrus, a pinch of pepper and a sense of terroir. It's a clean, eye-catching nose, with the cane well highlighted and some mushroom notes.
The alcohol is integrated, even with aeration, this is a fairly fine brandy that doesn't tickle the nose. The heady flowers and ripe fruit are released for ever more exoticism, the lime zest calling everyone back to seriousness and ringing the bell for ti-punch.

The attack in the mouth is also frank, the traditional rum does not make lace and embraces the palate with its dry notes of cane fibre and pepper. The cane bears witness to the harshness of the wind in the fields, the dry days and the robustness of its stem. Once again, we get what we wanted: a rum with character and faithful to its agricultural spirit.

In the finish, the cane fibre melts completely into pepper and the rum fades away leaving the taste buds sharp and ready to go again!

"A true white rum ti-punch, with a balance that may even spare you the teaspoon of sugar..."

9 opinion

  1. Laurent Dutray

    a reference!

  2. Laurent Dutray

    Damoiseau: a benchmark!

  3. Stephen E Faherty

    Great rum for the price

  4. Annick Sigiscar

    I am very happy with the product and the speed of delivery.

  5. Pascal Vincentius

    One of the best distilleries in Guadeloupe.

  6. Yves Cazaux

    excellent rum

  7. Yves Cazaux

    Very good product

  8. Yves Cazaux

    Very good product

  9. Franky Maerten

    Very good rum with a smooth taste.
    Cubi bib bag-in box 4.5 litres is very practical.

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