Diplomatico Distillery Collection n°3 Pot Still 47°

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Diplomatico Distillery Collection n°3 Pot Still 47°: Description and customer reviews

Through the "Distillery Collection" series, Diplomatico aims to showcase its different distillation methods.

This 3rd rum in the series is distilled only in a stil l pot (as a reminder, No. 2 was distilled in a Barbet column, and No. 1 in a batch kettle).

The rum is then aged in the distillery's cellars for 8 years, in small American white oak barrels.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose is rather soft, with a certain sweetness that comes through right from the start. This roundness contains a roasted character that flirts with copper and motor oil. This leads to an almost Trinidad-like aspect, with an almost mineral side that gradually transforms into a pastry-like sweetness.

Aeration gives the rum fullness. It fleshes out, gaining depth and mellowness. A few amarena cherries bring to mind a certain pastry-like quality seen earlier. They combine with the chocolate to evoke a black forest cake.

On the palate, coppery, almost oil-like notes return to the fore. They begin the same seductive process as on the nose, with pastry-like aromas. Cherry pits open the ball, followed by whole fruit, then a sometimes creamy, sometimes resinous side.

The finish is well-balanced, and the sweetness remains without weighing down the taste buds.

"An interesting rum, with an assertive character that later becomes more charming..."

On video

On our YouTube channel, watch our meeting with Javier Vicuña, brand ambassador for Diplomatico rums, from Venezuela. He tasted the Diplomatico Distillery Collection n°3 Pot Still with us as part of box of the month.

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  1. Cubitus Mordicus

    Superb, magnificent

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