Diplomatico Distillery Collection n°1 batch kettle 47°.

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Diplomatico Distillery Collection n°1 batch kettle 47°: Description and customer reviews

Released in autumn 2017, this diplomatico is distilled from the distillery's best cane honey. Unlike the brand's other rums, which are blends of several distillation methods, this one was distilled entirely in batch kettle.

The rum is then aged in American white oak barrels for 6 years.

Nico's tasting notes

In short: sweet red fruits - nuts - vanilla - sweet spices - brown sugar

The nose of this rum is both warm and sweet. It is powerful and imposing, but at the same time immediately very sweet. A great wave of red fruits is carried by the first vapours of alcohol, then carried away by a torrent of strawberry or grenadine milk.
The aeration takes us back for a moment to the roots of Latin rum, with well roasted and caramelised nuts, then the red fruits cannot help but monopolise the scene, in the form of blackberry and raspberry pearl sweets.

The palate goes deeper, we realise that all this tornado of red fruits was actually quite volatile. The profile then refocuses on nuts, toasted wood, vanilla, but also a rather intense and tasty prune. The rum is now more spicy than sweet, the nose was misleading from this point of view, and that's for the best. The brown sugar is there, caramelised, but does not overwhelm the palate.

The finish is rather long, with brown sugar and a rather mineral feel.

"The nose seems very much focused on red fruit candy, while the palate is balanced and not as sweet as one might expect..."


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