Don Papa Baroko 40°

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Spiced or infused rum

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Don Papa Baroko 40°: Description and customer reviews

Don Papa Baroko Filipino rum is distilled from molasses produced locally on the island of Negros.

It is then aged for several years in American oak barrels, then blended by the cellar master to ensure consistency over the years.

After cold filtration, it is bottled at 40°.

What's the difference with the classic Don Papa? Hardly any: a very exuberant rum-based "spirit drink". However, the name change does help distinguish it from the "new formula" Don Papa 7-Year-Old. The latter, due to arrive at the end of June 2020, will be entitled to the rum appellation, and will be drier than the former, with a significant difference in terms of aromatic profile.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose is very sweet, orange and vanilla. Like an oriental confection, the rum caresses the nostrils with a pinch of powdered sugar. One might think of a strawberry- or rosewater-flavored Turkish delight. The candied orange peel still contains some of its slightly bitter oil, which adds a little more depth.

Aeration confirms and reinforces the sensation of roundness. The candy sugar is melted and takes on the air of barley sugar. It's also reminiscent of the first bite of strawberry gum.

The palate is soft, fluid and quite sweet. The confectionery and bubblegum ambience remains, though one might have expected a stickier texture. The vanilla glides slowly over the tongue, the orange is in tune and forgets any hint of bitterness. On the other hand, a slight spicy, peppery note lifts the whole.

The finish is very sweet, with strawberry, banana and orange in confectionery form.

"A very sweet rum that takes us down the tangy alleys of a funfair..."

A comparison with classic Don Papa shows only slight differences. The aroma profile is quite similar, except that the classic is undoubtedly thicker and sweeter on the palate. Whereas the baroko is very bubblegum, the classic is more in the realm of liqueur, but the difference is really subtle, so close are the two rums.

Note the forthcoming release of Don Papa 7 ans, which will have the rum appellation, and which will certainly be less sweet. We'll be bringing you a full tasting note on that occasion, so stay tuned!

15 opinion

  1. Cécile CHENU

    Very good product and speed of delivery

  2. Théo

    A concentrate of sugar and artificial flavours (like the whole Don Papa range). To be banned.

  3. Théo

    A concentrate of sugar and artificial flavors, even more disgusting than the classic 7-year-old.

  4. Alain Beetschen

    Very, very good.

  5. claire fulero

    Excellent rum, nicely sweet and spicy. It could be mistaken for rhum arrangé.

  6. sebastien cahu

    Safe value and for the price it's 26€ in Spain. Thank you state !!!

  7. Anthony THIERRY

    It's fine, it's very fine, it's drunk endlessly


    Top as usual!

  9. Cécile CIEKALSKI

    This rum can be enjoyed as a digestif or an aperitif. I like the slightly sweet taste.

  10. Steve Manikon

    I recommend it

  11. Jules Bourgeois

    Very delicate flavours, very pleasant, ideal for amateurs.

  12. laetitia GARNIER

    For my husband's birthday, he was super happy. This rum is magnificent.

  13. jerome LE FALHER


  14. guy waterloos

    I don't know if it's better than Le Don papa normal.


    In the tradition of DonPapa, we know what we're buying, so detractors needn't bother.

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