Doorly's Rum 12 year old 43°.

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Doorly's Rum 12 years 43° : Description and customer reviews

Doorly's 12 Year Old is a blend of rums distilled at Foursquare in column and pot still (for complexity and depth). 90% of the blend is aged for 12 years in bourbon casks, the rest is aged in Madeira casks.

Laurent's tasting note

Its dress is of an amber gold.

On the nose, we are on a typical rum from this Caribbean island. The woodiness is omnipresent but greedy. The aromas of vanilla, orange, banana and a roasted note form the aromatic profile of this rum from Barbados. It invites us to continue the tasting. After a few minutes in the glass, the tobacco (cigar) flavour also comes through.

On the palate - not surprisingly since this is a rum from the Foursquare distillery - we are indeed dealing with a dry rum (which tends to become even drier with each passing second). The oak is very present and accentuates the slight astringency. A note of orange and a touch of pepper compliment this woodiness.

The finish is long and relatively smooth, but dry at the same time. In addition to the cask, notes of vanilla and nutmeg make this beautiful experience last.

In video

We tasted this Doorly's 12 year old in a video of the box of the monthwhich you can find on our Youtube channel.

7 reviews

  1. Patrick Z

    Very good rum!!! To discover absolutely !


    A must, very good rum

  3. Thomas

    Sweet, round and full of aroma, very good length.

  4. nicolas

    Good value for money

  5. Steven Harel

    A must-see in Barbados

  6. RM

    Nose: quite intense with sweet spices (cinnamon, vanilla), ripe banana, even flambé. Candied notes (peach, apricot), then on aeration fresh notes (light herbaceous), maple syrup and pastry.
    Palate: fairly supple attack, neither too hot nor fatty. Slightly suave. Pastry notes but not too fatty, molasses. Still slightly herbaceous notes on the finish which balance the whole.
    A little short in the finish, the alcohol takes over a little but without being unpleasant.
    Nice expression on a molasses/patissier/vanilla profile. I would like more complexity and fruit.

  7. Jonathan Lombard

    a little disappointed with the pure tasting, but in ti punch mode really excellent!!!

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