Vanilla Dzama 25° Arranged

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Sweet spices - Round


Rhum - Rhum arrangé

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Dzama Arrangé vanille 25° : Description and customer reviews

Dzama Arrangé vanille is a rum that follows the great tradition of the Indian Ocean arrangés. Although Dzama is a relatively recent brand (1982), the cultivation of vanilla is a thousand-year-old art in Madagascar. This spice, which has made the island famous, is highlighted here by a very sweet molasses rum.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose offers a comfortable sensation from the first moments. All the roundness of vanilla is there, but not only that, as the whole rum seems to be made of cotton. One could just as easily imagine a soft dessert with coconut milk, soy cream or butterscotch. For my part, I am immersed in a slice of French toast.

The palate is both round and light. The rum is not overflowing with pastry aromas and remains quite fine, which avoids the pitfall of being overpowering. The vanilla cane sugar languorously coats the palate, the promise of deliciousness is kept.

"An extremely greedy arrangé, the typical example of the deceptively harmless drink ;)"



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