El Dorado Uitvlugt Enmore 2008 Blue 47.4°.

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El Dorado Uitvlugt Enmore 2008 Blue 47.4° : Description and customer reviews

El Dorado Uitvlugt Enmore 2008 Blue is a molasses rum distilled at Diamond in Guyana. This distillery in the Demerara River region is home to some of the most legendary stills in the world. El Dorado has preserved the know-how and stills of the country's old distilleries, and thus has an infinite number of different flavour profiles. The brand blends these "marks" into its regular range and also experiments, such as this "blended in the barrel" series.

Here are two marks of the Uitvlugt columns (ICBU and GS/20), assembled before aging with the fabulous EHP mark of the Enmore column.

The rum was distilled in 2008, then placed in ex-bourbon casks. It was bottled in 2019, without reduction, brut de fût.

Nico's tasting note

The nose is immediately seductive, invoking the heyday of the Enmore column. A handful of nuts coated in still-steaming caramel come to the fore. They ignite the white wood and make it vibrate, to stick and imprint on the nostrils like a warm resin.

Aeration brings out a well roasted woodiness, from which a little remnant of smoke still escapes. A molasses still full of sugar provides texture, while the sweet spices intrigue our imagination.

The palate is rather seductive, with soft, toasty American oak and typical vanilla flavours. Add to this a very fluid and slightly round texture, and you have a very easy and accessible Demerara. The nuts are well in evidence, generously coated with caramel and molasses.

The finish is rather roasted, and leaves the impression of a very sweet rum.

"A rather typical Demerera, but above all extremely accessible thanks to a very fluid mouthfeel..."


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