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Hampden Overproof 60° : Description and customer reviews

Hampden, the Jamaican distillery that produces 100% pot still high ester rum, is finally marketing its own brand of old rum. It was the independent bottlers who had previously led the way.

To make this 60 proof overproof, the molasses first underwent a very long natural fermentation before being distilled in a copper pot still with double retort. The casks then spent 8 years in a tropical climate, before being bottled without any addition of course.

Nico's tasting note

The first nose is a bit powdery, with a rather dry wood and an alcohol that shows its power without disturbing the aromas. There is a sort of precision, a straight nose where the exotic fruits do not yet spread out in all directions. The beeswax seems to have concentrated a softly spicy and honeyed atmosphere, slightly vegetal and candied, with a nice note of cherry pit.

The rum opens with a little air, it keeps its seriousness but bubbles up in its heart. The fruit is concentrated and forms a sort of sticky jam, like a resin. Housed in a wood and tobacco case, this jam bursts with big, thick bubbles and splashes some slightly vegetal spices like curry. We're still on the borderline between the pastry and the medicinal, between jam and resin, and it's all packed into a caramelised wood rut.

On the palate, the rum blows like a tornado and falls back on the tongue, exploding in tasty spices. The first moments are intense, the rum is a steamroller that crushes the taste buds without burning them. The tongue is captivated by the woody flavour and surrenders to a rum that begins a subtle transformation that ends with a terribly seductive cherry or prune stone. The fruits are contained, they remain concentrated and do not spread out like cream, thus keeping their tannins and their spicy skin.

The finish is long and pastry-like, like a financier soaked in dark rum or plum brandy.

"A rum that relies on concentration and staying power, it will remain perfectly in place whatever the conditions and will thus lend itself perfectly to mixology...

Comparison between Hampden 46° and Hampden 60°.

The two versions of Hampden from these first official bottlings are very complementary. The 46% version shows all the talent of the distillery in the field of fruity and pastry aromas, with a generous and elegant taste that will delight the tasters.

The 60% Overproof version shows a less ample but equally concentrated facet. Like a resin that holds a world of aromas within it, it can be diluted and arranged in different ways without ever losing its character.

In video

This rum is part of the Jamaica discovery pack that we tasted live with Olivier Scars, in a video to be found on our Youtube channel.

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  1. carole

    Excellent. Although I find the smaller version more accessible.

  2. Aldebert Christopher

    Two Hampden 46- and 60- of great quality, a must have, gift price in my opinion

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