HSE Extra Vieux Single Cask 2006 47.8°.

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Wood - Complex - Sweet spices - Fruit - Plants


Rum - Rum AOC Martinique - Pure cane juice rum

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Single cask


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HSE Extra Vieux Single Cask 2006 47.8°: Description and customer reviews

This HSE Extra Vieux Single Cask 2006 is a great vintage agricultural rum from Habitation Saint Etienne in Martinique.

Produced at the Simon distillery, it is a rum that was distilled in a Creole column before spending 15 long years in French oak barrels, under the watchful eye of cellar master Lionel Lampin.

Aged in June 2006, the rum was bottled in November 2021 from a single 400-litre barrel. Each bottle is identified by double numbering.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose is that of a very woody and elegant perfume, garnished with a thousand spices that come to us from distant lands. The oak is detailed in all its facets, with a raw and resinous fiber, fresh sawdust, a bark rich in exotic scents, and a certain vegetal freshness.

The aeration makes a superb curtain of pepper slide under the nose, then reveals a cane gorged with sweet fruits. We go from dried apricot to mango, making a detour through pineapple, guava, then we dive towards a subtle and complex pastry side, underlined by a delicate almond.

On the palate, the wood grabs the taste buds to quickly roll them in a carpet of spices mixed with toasted bread powder. The greedy nuts take over, their roasted envelope leaving their fatty flesh exposed. The mature cane gathers dried fruits and exotic fruit juices around it, it coats them with a sure taste and a certain sense of elegance.

The finish offers a sweet mattress of raw cane sugar syrup and dried fruit, with the rum gently purring through the length.

"Another HSE single cask that does not disappoint, and that enters directly into the pantheon of great Martinique rums..."


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