Karukera 2009 Select Casks 45

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Wood - Complex - Sweet spices - Fruit - Smoke - Dry


Pure cane juice rum


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Karukera 2009 Select Casks 45°: Description and customer reviews

Karukera 2009 Select Casks is a blend of a few casks selected by the cellar master from the 2009 sugarcane harvest.
It is not filtered before bottling.

Nico's tasting note

The nose quickly reveals that we are dealing with a complex rum, both greedy and well-crafted. The aromas follow one another in quick succession, the rounder ones being immediately balanced by the finer ones. For example: where the marzipan is fat and full-bodied, liquorice and aniseed give more precision. The dried fruits, especially apricot, bring a really fragrant side. Then, as it sinks into strawberry and redcurrant jam, a nice spicy woodiness brings distinction. At this point, you know you're in the heart of Guadeloupe: this combination of dried fruit (mango), melted wood and stone are the hallmarks of the refined delicacy that we know from the island's rums. With time, all these aromas will melt, always with class and luxuriance, generosity and restraint.
After a little rest, the rum becomes more and more heady. A vinous side (white wine) supported by dried fruits perfumes the atmosphere which becomes more and more candied. A little agitation and the spices bring the rum out of the torpor of the tropics. The peach and coconut still float in the air.

The palate is both intense and mellow, it is overall very fruity: it is thick like a tropical orchard and humid. The spices too are fragrant and perfumed, we have sechuan pepper, a four spice blend and vanilla.

The rum is long in the mouth thanks to these fragrant spices. It finishes with a nice melted woody taste and a tasty liquorice.

"Superb rum with a heady but controlled aroma, melted and generous in the mouth, to be enjoyed quietly after a good meal..."

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  1. maxime bouckaert

    excellent rum
    intense, fruity and spicy! a generous rum, one of my favourites.

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