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Kavalan Distillery Select 40°: Description and customer reviews

The Kavalan Distillery Select single malt is a creation of Ian Chang, master blender of the Taiwanese distillery.

Nico's tasting note

The nose is very fruity, like a harlequin candy that delivers acidulous and coloured aromas, very fresh. After this first light and refreshing curtain, we find ourselves transported to a cellar, with ethereal and woody aromas, with hints of cider apples.

With aeration, the wine gains in body and depth. Nuts and lightly roasted cereals mingle with exotic ground pepper, which, together with the wood, add a certain graininess, as well as a touch of rancio.

On the palate, the attack is marked by a certain acidity, as well as a certain tannic astringency, which awaken the taste buds. The cereals then spread out in a fluid manner, with a much lighter texture. They are underlined by a slightly buttery almond cream, frangipane style.

The finish is pastry-like and gently spicy, with walnut, rancio and a little oxidised fruit jam.

"A relatively light profile, with a pastry treat waiting around the corner..."


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