Kirk & Sweeney 25 year old XO Boxed 65.5°.

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70 cl






Wooden box


Rum - Traditional Spanish rum (Ron) - Traditional molasses rum

Special feature

Brut de fût


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Kirk & Sweeney 25 years old XO Box 65,5° : Description and customer reviews

Kirk & Sweeney 25 Year Old XO Coffret is a magnificent bottle reminiscent of those that circulated during the prohibition era in the United States. At that time, smugglers illegally unloaded their cargoes from the Caribbean. One of their boats was called Kirk & Sweeney...

This rum from the Dominican Republic has been distilled from molasses. It is a blend of distillates aged in old bourbon barrels. The oldest of them are 25 years old. The bottling was done without reduction, raw from the cask, in beautiful hand-blown crystal bottles. The gold letters are hand-painted and the whole is contained in a luxurious wooden box. An exceptional rum!


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