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Brugal XV Reserva Exclusiva 38° : Description and customer reviews

Brugal XV is a unique blend of rums aged in ex-bourbon American white oak barrels for 3 to 8 years and rums that have been aged for 2-3 years in ex-Pedro Ximenez sherry barrels.
The result is gourmet. Try it "on the rocks", for a classic Daiquiri. It also provides a good alternative to whisky for an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan.

Nico's tasting notes

In short: light - woody - caramel - vanilla - coconut - balanced - sweet

On the nose, the rum develops familiar notes of wood, caramel and vanilla, which does not prevent it from being very present. It gives off an impression of thickness, the caramel is almost palpable. With a little solvent, the caramel first becomes confusedly woody, reminiscent of damp paper or cardboard. Then, with more emphasis, the wood asserts itself in an elegant way with a light varnish with coconut accents.
Giving it time to settle, there is a rather concentrated rum with some spicy, powdery nuts. The wood is well soaked, the nuts gradually melt into it, the profile is very pleasant and is enriched by vanilla and coconut.

On the palate, the attack is very light, although very round. The rum brushes against the taste buds without sticking to them obstinately, but it remains quite greedy. The combination of wood, nuts, vanilla caramel and coconut still works well. The caramelised pralines add a little crunch but the sensation remains quite spectacularly fluid.

On the finish, we realise that the rum has taken us away and somewhat numbed us. It leaves a vanilla veil on the palate.

"A typically Latino rum, very light, but with pleasant and balanced aromas..."


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