La Favorite Cœur de Canne 55° (Cane Heart)

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La Favorite Cœur de Canne 55°: Description and customer reviews

La Favorite Cœur de Canne is an AOC Martinique white agricultural rum. It is harvested, distilled and refined according to traditional methods in one of the smallest distilleries on the island.

The sugar cane is cut by hand and the juice is extracted using a steam engine dating from 1906, unique on the island. The vesou benefits from a long fermentation, then it is distilled in a creole copper column before being reduced and bottled on the spot.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose is very clean, moving straight ahead without disturbance, pointing to a peppery cane. No ethereal notes are to be deplored, the control is admirable and the cane is intact. Some deeper notes of fermentation are discovered as the opening progresses.

The aeration does not affect the cleanliness of this brandy, but gives it the opportunity to approach a resolutely fruity side, more cheerful and colorful. Thus, a lime and its zest seem to have fallen into the glass as if preparing a ti'punch.

On the palate, the dry and sweet cane at the same time offers us a strong and balanced vision of agricultural rum. Its fiber and bark are peppery, uncompromising, with nuances of hay, straw, with an almost earthy side. On the other hand, all this is pleasant and greedy, thanks to a rather round texture that confers the whole.

The finish is relatively light, on cane sugar and lime zest.

"An agricultural rum from Martinique of reference, dry and greedy at the same time... "

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  1. francis boussougouth

    Excellent as usual.

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