The Spirit of Barbados Foursquare 2002-2022 52° L'Esprit Barbade

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L'Esprit Barbade Foursquare 2002-2022 52°: Description and customer reviews

L'Esprit Foursquare 2002-2022 is a molasses rum produced in Barbados by the Foursquare distillery. Founded in 1996 on the site of a former sugar refinery, it is now one of the most modern and efficient distilleries in the world.

The rum was distilled in October 2002 and bottled after 20 years of maturation in oak barrels. The selection was made by young independent merchant and bottler Tristan Prodhomme, based in Rennes and Vannes.

This BB 8 cask produced 198 numbered copies. It was bottled in its natural color, without reduction or cold filtration.

Nico's tasting notes

On the nose, we find ourselves quite far from the usual benchmarks of this Barbados distillery. The rum is fresh and fruity, but also pastry-like and slightly smoky, typical of a certain English style led by the pot still.

With aeration, the pastry register settles in comfortably, with almond milk, creaminess, raisins and pits. Smoke remains soft and round, adding a velvety touch.

The palate offers a coppery attack, with intense cores and dark berry and grape tannins. This warmth is accompanied by a veil of smoke, making for a rather full-bodied entry. The rum then melts into pastry and resin notes, with bitter almond, raisins, black cherries, rosemary and pine sap.

The finish is long and exotic, with very ripe fruit enhanced by a hint of iodine.

"A Foursquare with character, forgetting its familiar notes of American oak to let a funky distillate express itself..."


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