L'Esprit Rhum Uitvlugt 1999-2020 56,4°.

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L'Esprit Rhum Uitvlugt 1999-2020 56,4°: Description and customer reviews

Esprit Rhum Uitvlugt 1999-2020 is a bottling that commemorates the 10th anniversary of the French spirits breeder. For the occasion, here is a great Demerara rum, from the legendary Port Mourant still. This pot-still, with its wooden vat, is now owned by DDL and its Diamond distillery, which houses a veritable living museum of Guyana's rum.

But why Uitvlugt you may ask? Well, because in 1999 the Port Mourant still was located under the roof of the Uitvlugt distillery, which also closed in the same year.

This molasses rum was distilled in October 1999 and bottled in October 2020. It is therefore 21 years old, and is a single cask bottled brut de fût. It is limited to 208 bottles only.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose opens with a funky rum, both fruity and coppery. It is underlined by a woody aroma that sketches out chocolate, before giving way to a toasted oak, with a fibre that is still damp and imbued with an undergrowth atmosphere.

On aeration, this typical Port Mourant profile shows itself in a delicate and melted light. The exotic fruits are comfortably settled, resting on a mattress of almond powder that is still a little green. The rum carries some malty and sweet touches, just caressed by the toasted oak.

In the mouth, a few drops are enough to guess the massive concentration of this rum. With its coppery and mineral notes, it takes us closer to the still. It then sets about roasting the nuts until they are coated in burnt caramel, then caresses the walls of a very heavily toasted cask.

The finish offers a somewhat mineral texture, followed by a nice length of candied exotic fruits.

"A very old and concentrated Demerera, which has had time to draw its richness from every corner of the cask.


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