Longueteau Genesis Old batch 2 71.4°

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Animal - Sweet spices - Fruit - Roasting - Plants


Rum - Pure cane juice rum

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Brut de fût

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Longueteau Genesis Vieux batch 2 71.4°: Description and customer reviews

Longueteau Genesis Vieux rum returns for a second batch. This is an agricultural rum from Guadeloupe, whose now-familiar name does not betray the expectations of afficionados of this collection.

Genesis vieux is unreduced, brut de colonne, then bottled in the same way, making it a brut de fût rum.

Single-varietal and single-plot, this rum is made from red canes of the R579 variety planted on plot no. 1 which is located by the sea.

After distillation in a Creole column, the rum is aged for 4 years in new oak barrels from a French forest.

It is bottled at 71.4% in 2000 copies.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose gives us the sensation of unwrapping a little sugarcane candy, full of character and spice, but also full of deliciousness. The cane's vegetal character is totally candied, developing chocolatey aromas with hints of toasted bread.

With aeration, the rum gains a very jammy character, with mirabelle plums, peaches and other yellow stone fruits, underscored by a somewhat animalic hint of soy sauce and ramen broth.

The palate is powerful, yet fat and enveloping; the taste buds are thus preserved from any burn, which is already quite notable given the degree displayed. It's really the patinated cane juice that expresses itself, not the wood, so this rum hasn't lost an ounce of exoticism with age. It offers a host of fruity nuances, from apple to peach to grape, giving this rum a slight white-wine quality.

The slightly tannic finish continues the farandole of pears, peaches and mirabelle plums.

"An enthusiastic rum bursting with fruit and sunshine..."

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  1. Othman Asmami

    A complex rum where the alcohol is perfectly enveloped in the flavors, concealed on the palate, and whose intoxication is offered to you like a time bomb! I loved it, but beware of over-indulgence!

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