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Strong spices - Flowers - Fresh - Fruit - Roasting - Plants


Rhum blanc - Pure cane juice rum

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Mana'o 50° : Description and customer reviews

Mana'o is a pure organic cane juice rum from French Polynesia.

It is made from the ancestral Otahiti variety of cane, considered to be one of the best in the world, and in fact the main cane cultivated in the world in the 19th century before its decline in the face of more profitable hybrid sugar cane.
The cane is fermented near the place of harvest, i.e. on the plateau of Toahotu (Tahitian peninsula) or on Taha'a, an island located opposite the lagoon of Bora Bora.

The mash is then transported to Tahiti to be distilled in a batch still. At the end of the still, the rum is 89°. It is then slowly reduced so as not to "break" the aromas.

This is a tasting rum to be drunk as is.

Laurent's tasting note

Its colour is translucent.

On the nose, Mana'o gives us the impression of having a sugar cane in front of us, with its fruity, vegetal and greedy side. Although the primary aroma is of course fresh cane juice, there is not the great freshness found in other white agricultural rums. This is largely compensated by secondary aromas: pepper, flowers and an "organic" side.

On the palate, the alcohol is present but well balanced. Here the freshness appears on a citrus register and we have a very different profile from the nose. The pepper is still there and even becomes spicy while the fresh cane, very slightly sweet, takes us far away.

The finish is long, even if its intensity drops quite quickly. Pepper makes an appearance, while the citrus fruits do not leave us and even rise in power.

"Tahiti offers us here a white rum pure cane juice of great quality, which makes us want to see what this archipelago will have to offer us in the years to come..."

1 visitor(s) opinion and 10 opinion

  1. Pascal BOURHIS

    Too good, too expensive.

  2. Alexander Berners

    It is a good white rum.

  3. Olivier

    Very good!

  4. stephane zobel

    Exceptional rum

  5. gete

    Without doubt the best white rum I have ever tasted. Delicate, aromatic and balanced. Really superb.

  6. Christophe de KERMEL

    A beautiful discovery of other terroirs, nothing to envy to the classics of our Antilles

  7. Jean-Marc laroche

    flawless as a shooter

  8. Catherine Picavet

    Very fruity and sweet for a white rum discovered in Bora Bora I am very happy to find it at Rhum attitude 🤗

  9. Hamid Abdallah

    very good rum

  10. Andrée PROUST

    We personally know the makers of manao, which has an exceptional taste unlike any other rum. Award of excellence for us

  11. Dominique HAMON

    a good white rum but I prefer Rangiora from the same producer

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