Manutea White Organic 55°.

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Sweet spices - Flowers - Fruit - Round - Plants


Rum - Rhum blanc - Pure cane juice rum

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Manutea White Organic 55° : Description and customer reviews

Manutea Blanc Bio is a Polynesian rum made from pure sugarcane juice produced at the Pari Pari estate in Tahaa. With its Organic Agriculture certification, Manutea has been committed to sustainable development since 2018 and is committed to extracting the best from the Polynesian terroir, the historical cradle of sugarcane.

Named Otahiti, the freshly hand-cut sugar cane is crushed on the plantation the same day (without adding water) before being fermented. The resulting vesou is loaded onto schooners and taken to the Manutea Tahiti distillery, located at the foot of Mount Rotui on the island of Moorea.

The rum is distilled in a copper still, stirred and slowly reduced with pure water that flows down the slopes of Mount Rotui. This is water that is naturally filtered through the basaltic layers.

Nico's tasting notes

On the nose, the concentration of the distillate is expressed through a very light layer of solvent, within which evolve light notes of English candy, cooked sugar and white flowers. The rum takes on more color as it rests, and is then tinged with nuances of peach and aromatic herbs.

The aeration develops these herbaceous and sunny aromas at the same time. We then find notes of herbal tea, anise, mint, and of course pure and fresh sugar cane juice, just out of the still.

The mouth is characterized by a great roundness, a fatty texture that coats the tongue and palate in a surprising way. This is followed by an unfolding of flavors just as unique, ranging from cane sugar to Sichuan pepper through fennel. The rum is floral, spicy, herbaceous, and evolves in a rather dizzying breath that almost numbs the taste buds, without ever feeling the burn of alcohol.

The finish is almost sweet, full of cane, licorice and anise.

"Here is the whole point of pure juice and organic: to show the unique and original character of its terroir..."


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