Père Labat White Organic 52°.

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Sweet spices - Fruit - Round - Plant


Rum - White rum - Pure cane juice rum

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Père Labat White Organic 52° : Description and customer reviews

Père Labat Blanc Bio is an agricultural rum produced in limited series at the Poisson distillery on the island of Marie-Galante.

It's a beautiful story that began three years ago with the planting of organic cane on virgin plots of land on the island.

These canes are harvested by hand and distilled in a copper Creole column after a long fermentation of 5 days to obtain a very aromatic rum with a strength of 71.2°. It is then reduced to 52° and bottled on site at the distillery.

Owner of the estate since 2007, Jean-Cédric Brot has produced the first Père Labat rum to be labelled Organic Agriculture. A total of 3024 numbered bottles are available.

Nico's tasting note

The nose is immediately oriented on a terroir aspect, with a well fermented cane juice with complex and slightly rustic aromas. In this vegetal bouquet, we find nuances of steamed vegetables, aromatics, with a touch of resin and olive.

With aeration, we go further into the rustic and authentic side. The rum continues to guide us towards the fermentation tanks, where the cane juice takes on acid and spicy notes, but also fruity and exotic.

In the mouth, the cane bursts like a flower with downy petals, then delivers its full-bodied and very fragrant juice. The aromatics are green, the steamed vegetables and the olive are tasty, and we are dealing more than ever with a rustic rum, which however does not upset the palate by a too dry character. On the contrary, its round, oily texture makes it roll quietly and melt with ease.

The finish is rather spicy and offers a nice length of green pepper.

" A rum of soil that shows all the nuances of fermented cane juice... "


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