Manutea VO ex-Banyuls Single Cask 44°

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Rum - Pure cane juice rum

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Manutea VO ex-Banyuls Single Cask 44°: Description and customer reviews

Manutea VO ex-Banyuls Single Cask is a 3-year-old aged rum made from pure cane juice in Tahiti. It was distilled, aged and bottled in Moorea by the Manutea artisan distillery.

This vintage is probably not unknown to you since we have offered you exclusively on our site a selection of another similar barrel, but in cask strength: Manutea VO ex-Banyuls brut de cask BNY21 selection Rhum Attitude 58.7° .

Here it is the BNY28 ex-Banyuls barrel which was bottled after a reduction to 44°. The aging lasted 3 years, and this is the minimum age to benefit from the old rum designation. Which therefore makes this rum a VO for “Very Old”.


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