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Millonario 10 Aniversario Cincuenta 50°: Description and customer reviews

Millonario 10 Aniversario Cincuenta 50° issimply - and powerfully - the lesser version of Millonario 10 Aniversario 40°.

It offers more concentration for cocktails, but can also be enjoyed neat for those rum lovers looking for a stronger version.

Nico's Tasting Note

On the nose, it is a vegetal concentration that immediately comes to mind. It is the essence of molasses that comes out at this moment, aniseed and liquorice. We can also guess a heavy toasted profile, with a dark, tenebrous wood.

With aeration, the vegetal side now becomes medicinal. The resin and chlorophyll are both fresh and acidic. They then change into a beeswax encaustic, intriguing but above all very greedy.

On the palate, the 50% is almost imperceptible, as it is immediately balanced by a certain roundness that coats the palate. The vanilla and caramel take over, and you can feel our famous encaustic wax in the background. Fortunately, it plays a secondary role, as its intense character would have been difficult to grasp.

The finish is very smooth, softly woody and slightly acidic.

"A rather unique profile, with molasses that becomes encaustic and generously coats the palate..."


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  1. Jessica Megan

    The sample that was offered with the ordered calendar was reasonable, apparently my partner appreciated this little extra but he has already tasted it and recommends it.

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