Mount Gay 1703 2020 edition 43°.

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Mount Gay 1703 edition 2020 43°: Description and customer reviews

Mount Gay 1703 2020 Edition is the eleventh release of this iconic blend. The first mention of a rum distillery in official records was in 1703. This distillery was none other than Mount Gay, making it the oldest still in operation today. To commemorate this date, the cellar master Trudiann Branker makes an annual selection of the oldest casks in the house.

The rums in the blend are pot-still and column distilled molasses rums. They have been aged in ex-bourbon barrels for at least 10 years. Some of them are even up to 30 years old! All the art of blending rums from Barbados can be found in this very fair and balanced vintage.

Nico's tasting notes

On the nose, we immediately find the butterscotch side that makes the identity of the distillery. It seems to come from a very smooth woody, soft American oak, where vanilla and coconut milk melt endlessly.

The aeration reveals a slightly more roasted side, and therefore more bite. The balance is of course there, and the rum continues to surf on this woody and rich flavour, respecting its score to the letter.

The palate manages to surprise us with its caramelised and buttered character, although we had been warned. Beyond this sweetness which slides easily over the palate, we appreciate the flavours of an American oak full of blond tobacco, vanilla and coconut. A certain concentration of wood intervenes in the middle of the palate, like a climax, then the rum melts again in greediness.

The finish is rich, long and woody, with some caramelised nuts that still manage to add texture to the length.

"A perfect example of what we love about Barbados rums: the consistency and melting of flavours..."

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    Nice discovery

  2. N.

    Personally, I started with a preconception: I have been a Mount Gay fan since a (distant) visit to Barbados and I am an absolute fan of this rum (the XO in particular, simple and complex at the same time). But it gets all the praise. It is "beautiful". Fine nose, with "salted butter caramel from our region" (it's funny and abusive, but we are Finisterians), rich aromas without being aggressive (thanks to the 43° still), palm, cane, coconut, oleaginous, honey... and even tea. Everything and anything on the finish or the return (from "smoked coconut" to "candied lemon" - ha ha ha -, via "molasses caramel" and "smoked wood"!) A real success!

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