New Grove 10 years Old Tradition 40°

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New Grove 10 years Old Tradition 40°: Description and customer reviews

New Grove 10 ans is a blend of selected casks from the Greys distillery in Mauritius.

This long-established establishment began making quality traditional rum in the 2000s, following the abolition of a law that prevented the production of aromatic rums.

Nico's tasting notes

On the nose, New Grove's signature quince and fig paste is enhanced by a handful of ripe red fruits. The dried fruit is rich, like apricot or date, concentrated into a spicy paste that suggests a good presence on the palate. The rest gives way to an almond paste perfumed with motor oil, for a contrast that combines power and gourmandise. This is a rum with personality. The more industrial notes fade very quickly, and we turn the page with fruit that's both tangy and velvety.

On the palate, the contrast evoked by the nose works wonders. A delight of stewed peaches spreads across the palate, with a hint of copper to support a surprisingly delicious attack. Mango and lychee in syrup take over, followed by spices that leave a deep impression on the tongue. The pastry side has disappeared from the picture, in favor of a candid, fragrant fruitiness, which matures with time and then becomes dried fruit.

The finish is slightly vegetal and resinous, a little medicinal. A drop of motor oil closes the ball, like a signature.

"The higher you go at New Grove, the more that slightly oily identity is deliciously melted..."

On video

On our Youtube channel, watch our interview with Loïc Lionnet, cellar master at New Grove (Mauritius). He tasted with us the New Grove 10 years Old Tradition as part of the box of the month.

6 opinion

  1. lhussiez herve

    One of my favourite rums, deliciously greedy with fruits that stay in the mouth for a long time, a little bit "oily" and a very pronounced alcohol for those who like rums with a little more character.

  2. Customer

    sweet, fruity and slightly spicy, very good

  3. Customer

    sweet, fruity and slightly spicy, very good

  4. RM

    Nose: Intense, caramel, caramel with exotic fruits (passion fruit, mango).
    Tobacco with sweet nuances. Maple syrup.
    Palate: soft attack, caramel notes, vanilla caramel, exotic notes, macadamia, pecan, pastry. Dried fruit (dates, almonds, pecans). Remains fairly dry, not too sweet.
    Keeps a nice freshness, finish: spices with freshness, mango, pecan (without heaviness and oxidation).

  5. Mr LAGEYRE Jerome

    The aromas that emerge from this rum are surprising: mainly woody, coppery, a touch oily... this is a pure rum with no additions.

  6. Claude David


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