New Grove single cask 2007 la confrérie du rhum 50°.

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New Grove single cask 2007 la confrérie du rhum 50° : Description and customer reviews

This is the 10th vintage of the Confrérie du Rhum, the famous facebook group, well known to rum lovers, which is celebrating its 5th anniversary.

New Grove is a rum produced by Grays, the large distillery located in Pamplemousses in the north of the island.

492 bottles were made from the French oak cask bearing the number 114, a vintage (2007) bottled in late 2017.

Nico's tasting note

The nose opens with a very balanced rum, with a bouquet of flowers that smells of the freshness of spring. In the tropics, some fruits are already ripe in this season. The mango is still a little green, but full of promise. In the distance, you can smell the distillery's boiler with its burning steel, these coppery and metallic notes joining the quince paste and the acidic red fruits. We also visit the apiaries, with honey already well concentrated and the beekeeper's smoke still lingering in the air.

With the aeration, we go through the distillery doors and we find ourselves closer to the big machinery. The smoky character of New Grove is in full swing, and then it binds again with the fruit, and even very clearly with the raspberry, blackberry or quince fruit pastes. With the balance established, we now turn to the structure of this rum. It is mellow, dense and complex, and tells us a long story.

The palate is just as balanced as the nose, with first a good whiff of metallic and even bituminous smoke, quickly dissipated and swallowed up by a very dark and concentrated honey. The fruit juices almost refresh the palate and come through like a ray of sunshine, before the toasted but still intact exotic wood spreads out wide and imprints the taste buds with its tannins. The barrel flavours keep the pleasure going, but without taking the easy way out. Caramel, tobacco and vanilla simply consolidate the whole.

The finish keeps the freshness of the fruit and even retains a little menthol, then the rum gently fades to roasted nuts, especially chestnut.

"A very nice selection from the team at La Confrérie du Rhum. New Grove's Single Barrels are often successes and this one is remarkably well balanced. Hats off..."

In addition to our tasting note

Here is what the distillery's cellar master says, in a very precise way:
- to the eye, the surface is shiny, the colour amber, the tears that are deposited by turning the glass are oily, the fat content is 7/10
- the1st nose (15 to 20 cm from the glass) offers a medium power and fruits
- the2nd nose (on the glass) is powerful, with yellow fruit and citrus
- the3rd nose (after aeration) is also powerful and offers passion fruit and spices
- on the palate, the structure is taut and moderately fat, and the rum offers aromas of fruit, spices and peppers, with a spicy finish.

In video

On our Youtube channel, find our meeting with Florence de Coriolis of Gray's distillery (New Grove, Lazy Dodo and Mauricia) and Benoît Bail Danel, founder of the Facebook group La Confrérie du Rhum. They tasted with us the New Grove Single Cask 2007 in the context of the box of the month.

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  1. Gene Line

    Maybe a little too sweet but good

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