New Grove Double Cask Cherry 47°.


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New Grove Double Cask Merisier 47° : Description and customer reviews

New Grove Double Cask Merisier was first matured in French oak for 7 years before finishing its ageing period in a Merisier cask for a further year. This rum offers very fresh aromas thanks to this original finish.

Laurent's tasting note

Its colour is a brilliant orange-amber.

On the nose, it is quite greedy with aromas of apricot, almond and cooked caramel. Then comes a second wave, which brings more complexity: pepper, as well as floral and mentholated notes. Interesting!

On the palate, it is more woody than one would expect; the rum even tends to dry out the palate a little. There are apricot and pepper notes, while vanilla and a pastry note appear. The alcohol, moreover, is well dosed.

The finish is long. The wood persists in its intensity and brings a tannic (and very slightly bitter) sensation. In a second phase, roasted, vanilla and tobacco aromas dominate.


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