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New Grove Royal Blend 60 years LMDW 45,6° : Description and customer reviews

New Grove Royal Blend is a blend of three vintages from the Mauritian distillery (1969, 2005 and 2007) and three finishes (acacia cask, chestnut cask and port cask).

This rum is guaranteed to be 100% natural, with no added caramel or sugar, and has not been filtered before bottling to preserve all its organoleptic qualities.

This is a limited edition of 800 bottles.

Nico's tasting note

The nose is immediately complex and seductive. It mischievously combines the New Grove character of slightly tarry, industrial notes with a honeyed sensation balanced by tart red fruits. Underneath a well toasted, even burnt, structure, we find a reserve of exotic fruits whose juices mix and stew in harmony.

The aeration rids the nose of the most bitter and metallic notes, leaving the pleasure of red and dried fruits (apricot, prune) from which we know where they draw their richness. Alternately enhanced with molasses or caramel, we never tire of admiring them, until we exhaust them and come across a woody note that has held up all this time.

The palate has all the qualities of the first nose, with a well-balanced intensity. The metallic notes join harmoniously with the red fruits, they are integrated in an oxidised and roasted complexity. The palate is very well balanced, one can speak of a sweet rum but certainly not a sweet rum. Some notes of cinnamon baked apple, honey, blackberry, quince can be picked up. One could describe this rum as autumnal.

The finish is sweet but rather long, with core and dried fruit.

"When New Grove's typicality is at the service of balance, it gives a rum with just the right amount of character..."

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  1. Claude



    very good next one!

  3. Christelle MILITELLO

    Exceptional rum
    Explosion of flavours in the mouth

  4. romain

    Colour: Amber

    Nose: This is a molasses rum. We find notes of molasses, caramel, wood and lightly smoked. Then come notes of liquorice and tobacco.
    It is powerful and complex;

    Taste: Caramel, tobacco, spices (nutmeg, liquorice), molasses, lemon and English candy. We also find the smokiness of the nose. A very interesting rum. It is balanced, complex and powerful.

    A finish on spices, tobacco and English candy.

    A very good rum. You have to like the spices and the tobacco notes. There is nothing negative to say about this rum.


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