O Reizinho Gold 57

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Wood - Sweet spices - Flowers - Fruit - Round - Plant


Rum - Pure cane juice rum

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Brut de fût

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O Reizinho Gold 57° : Description and customer reviews

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O Reizinho Gold 57% is an amber agricultural rum bottled brut de fût. It has spent at least 9 months in old 300L Madeira wine casks. Bottled without reduction, it brings out the power of the original aromas of O Reizinho cane brandy.

This distillation of pure juice from Madeira Island is a concentrate of sugar cane and terroir.

Nico's tasting note

The first nose is powerful, with a voluntary cane that has gained character through contact with the wood. Despite this, it remains a tender heart and already reveals heady floral scents. Some red fruit tannins mingle with the flower petals. The thick cane juice is answered by a bold tobacco, or vice versa. The rum continues to open up and gain strength, while becoming terribly greedy.

The aeration gives the rum a very concentrated side, with exotic fruits that are almost reminiscent of the English tradition. These fruits are copiously coated with honey and tobacco, with a flow of milk chocolate and caramel. The wood gets a little more exposed, bringing back the natural sugar cane and muscovado.

The attack on the palate is deliciously concentrated, it seems that the honey and tobacco coating has given way, spilling out a cooked and sticky cane juice. The wood is white and mellow, soaked in sunny, gently spiced rum. Concentration continues to be the key word, the cane is overwhelmingly greedy. The pepper increases in intensity for a moment, before being immediately taken over by a wave as sticky as a resin.

The finish offers a very light rancio, with fat and nutty flavours, then the chilli pepper settles at the back of the tongue.

"A spectacular agricultural rum, with a delicious concentration of sugar cane coated with honey and light tobacco..."

In video

We discovered O Reizinho rums with Joao Pedro Ferreira, the distiller, during the tasting of the O Reizinho sample pack. You can find this video and many others on our Youtube channel :

1 visitor review(s) and 7 reviews

  1. Gwen.

    Sweet and delicious

  2. Christophe HANS

    very good product

  3. Rico

    Not yet tasted

  4. Fabienne Delion

    Very strong.

  5. Catherine

    Ras. Not yet tasted

  6. Delphine DOLMETTA

    Very fragrant, next purchase in large^^

  7. Mr. MARI

    Excellent! To be recommended

  8. Stéphane Ti'verre

    On the nose 👃🏻 : it is a rather sweet, fruity and peppery cane juice. A vinous side clearly comes out, it may surprise more than one! It also reminds me of sultanas with vanilla and a light oak wood, and then olive after a long aeration. The power is felt, it's a bit alcoholic the first few minutes, then it mellows with time.

    On the palate 👅 quite a lot is going on, the 57 degrees bring a nice aromatic richness. It's very sweet and even honeyed on the attack, very "heart of cane". The fruitiness is particular, unmistakably reminiscent of Madeira wine, with a strong floral note like rose. The oak is practically forgotten and the pepper remains moderate throughout.

    The finish is short to medium, with the oak bringing a peanutty edge that dries the palate slightly, alongside sweeter floral notes and a minty finish 👌

    Verdict ⚡️: this is a very interesting rum to discover! However, it can be quite divisive as the flavours are so atypical and intense. My two tastings were not too much to be able to understand and tame it 😅. Completely lost at the beginning, I must admit that I am finally conquered by this vintage which deserves more visibility 😀

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