Mhoba discovery pack boxed set of 5 rums + glass

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Mhoba discovery pack 5 rums + glass : Description and customer reviews

The Mhoba distillery has arrived like a bomb in the small sphere of rum. Never before had we seen such a funky, powerful profile of pure cane juice rum. Distiller Robert Greaves built Mhoba with his own hands, from mill to still, in South Africa. The pure cane juice of the Nkomazi variety undergoes a long fermentation, after which it is pot-still distilled. This unique style is at the crossroads of agricultural and Jamaican rums, and is a must-discover.

For this purpose, we have selected 5 samples of 5 cl :

- Bushfire 55° Mhoba

- Mhoba Pot Stilled High Ester 65.2

- Mhoba Strand 101 50.5° C

- Mhoba Select Reserve French Cask 65°° (65° proof)

- Mhoba American Oak Aged 43

A gift box is also provided to store or offer these samples, as well as a tasting glass to tame them like an expert.

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