Père Labat 2004 13 years 45°.

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Animal - Wood - Fruit - Pastry chef - Plant


Rhum - Rhum pur jus de canne

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Père Labat 2004 13 years 45° : Description and customer reviews

This Père Labat 2004 vintage rum has been aged in oak barrels for 13 years at the Poisson distillery in Marie-Galante.

Nico's tasting note

The nose is very generous from the outset, but also well framed by a solid, serious and robust woodiness. It's a rich honey that spreads out on a waxed oak with encaustic, in a rustic, almost farmhouse atmosphere, tinged with animal notes.

With aeration, the very ripe cane begins to sparkle above the glass, showing heavy golden and honeyed reflections. The rum then takes on a more vegetal side, with aromatics, tobacco, and even a certain minty freshness.

On the palate, we discover a complex and greedy rum, with a very mature cane, covered with dozens of layers of patina. We find our waxed wood, as well as notes of herbs and greenery, all bathed in a burning sun. This is how the rum becomes candied and the tannins stretch into dried fruits, olives, tobacco...

The finish is very greedy, pastry-like with nice exotic and melted spices.

"A beautiful representative of the Guadeloupean style, which offers an extra touch of class..."


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