Père Labat 707 Brut De Colonne 70,7° (70.7°)

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Strong spices - Iodine - Round - Plant


Rum - White rum - Pure cane juice rum

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Crude distillation

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Père Labat 707 Brut De Colonne 70,7° : Description and customer reviews

Père Labat 707 Brut De Colonne is the first rum bottled brut de distillation by the Poisson distillery. It was Père Labat who perfected distillation techniques in the West Indies at the very end of the 17th century, so it is only natural to pay tribute to him with a high quality white rum.

This agricultural rum (i.e. pure sugarcane juice) is the result of a 72-hour fermentation using baker's yeast. The master distiller, Sullivan Delor, has used his creole copper columns to extract the quintessence of the vesou. He also recommends placing this rum in the freezer, so that it can be enjoyed frosted.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, we find a very natural, softly vegetal and herbaceous cane. We do not suspect for a second the high degree that awaits us. The quintessence of agricultural rum is there, and we are transported to the distillery, as close as possible to the column.

The aeration leads us to even more authenticity, with a fermented cane juice with accents of green olive in brine, mushroom and earth. The vegetal side of the cane then takes on a very ripe, almost passé, herbaceous form.

The palate is very green and greedy, with a rum that seems really sweet. Once again, we are surprised by the sweetness of the whole, and by the very natural image of cane that comes to us on contact with this rum. The mid-palate is almost liquorice-like, like a cooked vesou, and is inhabited by sweet but fragrant herbs and spices.

The finish turns again to fermentation, with some sweet and sour notes and a good pinch of pepper.

"An impressively gentle raw column; a beautiful snapshot of Marie-Galante..."

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  1. Kuffour Boakye

    Beautiful and sumptuous.

    The aroma of pure cane sugar almost makes you forget the 70 degrees.
    I am delighted with this purchase.

    Recommends drinking it dry with a twist of lime

  2. Stéphane Ti'verre

    On the nose 👃🏻: it's powerful, luminous and has a nice freshness. The cane is like candied, very sweet. The rum is just peppery, with some lime zest and even white grape notes. The cane delivers fairly neutral aromas at the beginning but it clearly evolves over the minutes, with a minty and then fermented aspect. You have to be patient and not burn your nose ^^

    In the mouth 👅: wow, it's always a surprise when you haven't tasted a brut de colonne for a while... what a slap! It's very greedy. It is rather round without being fat, with a stealthy note of fermentation on the attack. But what I find here above all is the minty side. It is powerful and controlled, with a little liquorice in the middle of the mouth. The cane is fully mature.

    The finish is long with just liquorice and herbal notes, like aromatic herbs. It remains quite neutral overall and I don't get any bitterness at all. The pepper remains very discreet at this stage 👌

    Verdict ⚡️: as always, tasting a brut de colonne is something unique... we are as close as possible to the sugar cane. The aromas reach us with a superb intensity, both on the nose and on the palate. Only a few drops are enough for each sip, we make the pleasure last 😍. This Père Labat 707 offers us plenty of sugar at every stage. Overall, it is the fresh cane that expresses itself nicely, without eccentricity 👍

  3. Alexander Berners

    It is a good white rum.

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