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Plantation Rum 2006 Peru 47,9°: Description and customer reviews

Plantation Rum 2006 Peru is a collaboration between the Cartavio distillery in Peru and Maison Ferrand. The two cellar masters of these houses, Jorge Luis Rodriguez Parajes and Alexandre Gabriel, respectively, conceived this cuvée, which thus benefited from a double maturation.

First, after a 3-day fermentation, the molasses was distilled in a John Dore pot-still and in a continuous column. The rum was first matured for 11 years on site in bourbon barrels. It was then transferred to Javresac, in the cellars of the Maison Ferrand, for a further 3 years of ageing in cognac casks.

This 14 year old rum now has a volatile substance concentration of 140g/hlap, of which 55 are esters. A slight dosage of 8 grams of sugar per litre has been applied.

Nico's tasting note

The nose first greets us with a light and rather dry rum, marked by fine but strongly roasted oak. From its charcoal come aromas of coffee, molasses, toast and pan-fried nuts.

The aeration rounds out the whole, and we find a typical and greedy American oak. The soft wood is thus mixed with vanilla, caramel and a touch of toasted coconut, which rightly brings a touch of character.

On the palate, we find a contrasting rum that oscillates between sweetness and intensity. On the one hand, the well toasted oak barrel takes on a dark, toasty air, while on the other, its tender fibre seems to be bursting with sweet juice.

On the finish, the vanilla and coconut flavours take over.

"All the deliciousness of American oak, made even more seductive by the Plantation touch.

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  1. Phil Gringo

    A very pleasant rum to sip. Notes of pastry, cocoa, vanilla, lightly spiced and woody. Well balanced, it is greedy and has a real taste of coming back.

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