Plantation Rum 2007 Australia 49.3

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Rhum - Rhum de tradition anglaise (Rum) - Rhum traditionnel de mélasse

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Plantation Rum 2007 Australia 49.3°: Description and customer reviews

Plantation Rum 2007 Australia is a selection of 21 casks made at the Beenleigh distillery in Queensland. The molasses was fermented for 12 days with traditional yeasts, but also in the presence of Pombe yeasts, wild yeasts that develop very concentrated aromas.

Pot still distillation took place in 2007, and the rum was then placed in bourbon barrels for 13 years. At the end of this period of Australian ageing, the casks were transported to France, to be transferred to cognac barrels of the Maison Ferrand.

On arrival, the rum contains 166 g/hlap in esters, for a total of 517 g/hlap in aromatic congeners. No dosage was carried out, which means that this rum contains no added sugar.

Nico's tasting note

The nose is fruity and full-bodied, but without any aggressiveness. It is more like a tannic fruitiness, like red and black fruits with a thick skin. The juice is soft and sweet, which provides a pleasant contrast.

The aeration develops this fruity character so particular and unique, by ridding it of its most tannic sides. The wine also gains in freshness, with apple, then more exotic fruits such as pineapple and green banana.

The palate is slightly astringent at the outset, with the tannins of the fruit and the wood coming together to invade the palate. Then the rum takes on different hues of pits, black fruits, red fruits, before softening and becoming a very concentrated grenadine. The heart of the rum is a little heavier than it seems, and one perceives a certain tropical languor of exotic fruits.

The finish is more spicy and woody, with a tasty, waxed oak that evaporates fairly quickly.

"A growing Australian profile, always accompanied by its concentrated grenadine..."


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