Plantation Rum 2008 Panama 45.7°.


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Plantation Rum 2008 Panama 45,7° : Description and customer reviews

Plantation Rum 2008 Panama is a molasses rum from the Alcoholes Del Istmo distillery. The rums that make up this blend are from a selection of 19 barrels. The 2-3 day fermentation was preceded by a column distillation, followed by 12 years of ageing in a tropical climate, in bourbon barrels.

The rum was then further matured in France, in barrels that had contained Ferrand cognac. No dosage was carried out on this 13 year old rum, which means that it has no added sugar.

Nico's tasting note

The nose opens with a crunchy, bright, honeyed sugar-coated rum that quickly opens to a veneer of red and yellow fruit. Ripe cherries begin to coat the flavour profile, before being joined by juicy nectarines.

With aeration, the round, gently spiced oak barrel is generous. Vanilla and coconut are enhanced by a handful of caramelised nuts in maple syrup.

On the palate, the rum expresses itself thanks to a very well regulated degree, which leaves room for the greediness of the American oak cask, while providing the necessary kick. Thus, the vanilla spreads out on the palate without making the slightly harder and caramelised nuts disappear.

The finish is a little drier, tasty caramelised and slightly spicy.

"A fine balance for this versatile and tasty rum that can be enjoyed neat, of course, but also in cocktails..."


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