Presidente Marti Gran Añejo Ultra Premium Rum 40

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Wood - Sweet spices - Round


Traditional Spanish rum (Ron)

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Presidente Marti Gran Añejo Ultra Premium Rum 40° : Description and customer reviews

This column distilled Gran Añejo has been aged in a tropical climate using the solera method, i.e. putting young rums in the same barrels with older ones.

Nico's tasting note

The first nose is rather discreet. Delicate aromas of butterscotch simply brush the nostrils. The vanilla sugar syrup opens the way to sweet spices like cinnamon. The rum seems candied like a soft candy. The aeration sends it back to something more delicate, like a white nougat with almonds.

In the mouth, the texture is very soft and sweet. The nougat comes to mind at first, but the sweetness doesn't stop there, as it goes on to a chocolate and hazelnut spread. The nuts are soft and fatty, almond and macadamia nut coated with vanilla come to mind.

The finish is almost creamy, very vanilla-like and silky.

"A very round and coated rum, almost a caramel nut liqueur..."


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