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Pusser's Overproof 75°: Description and customer reviews

Pusser's Overproof is the historic Royal Navy rum in its purest form.

This 75 proof rum is undeniably powerful, but it also hides a remarkable complexity and aromatic richness. Made in accordance with Her Majesty's Naval Service rules, this rum is a blend of rums from Guyana (Demerara region distillery), Trinidad (Angostura distillery) and Barbados.

It has been aged in oak barrels in Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

Nico's tasting notes

On the nose, a lot of power and a good dose of caramel. You have to approach this rum with care, as the alcohol blocks the aromas a little. The nose is also very powdery, with a flinty quality, like when you hit two flints while heating them. One could even think of gunpowder just exploded. One also thinks of something metallic, heavy and coppery, which gradually leads us to oxidised fruits (apple/plum) in compote.
The aeration does not calm the beast, it is quite violent and even more coppery. The nose is quite tight, literally and figuratively, it is still powerful and powdery. With a lot of rest, we enter into notes of fermented vegetables, but also and especially roasted nuts.

The attack in the mouth has never been so well named, it is intense, coppery, dry and armoured. Sorry for the non-technical term, but it's very hot, and this causes a hyperstimulation of the taste buds! The powdery notes take on a cocoa aspect, the notes of fermentation and copper intermingle, and the power returns in devastating waves. A small prune passes through the eye of the storm. It is worth noting that this rum is well made, because although it is extremely powerful, the aromas of alcohol are not felt.

The finish is oxidative, nutty and pruney, in the manner of a sherry.

"Definitely a rum for cocktails, with a dry character, which when mixed will open up with notes of sherry..."

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  1. Louis-Charles AKA Lucius FUMERY

    Perfect for survival on the high seas.

  2. romain

    Colour: Mahogany
    On the nose, the Pusser's Rum Overproof shows its teeth. Smells of molasses and wood come through. Then come more gourmand notes, of caramel, citrus and coconut and spices.

    On the palate, Pusser's Overproof is warm and powerful. You can feel the 75°.

    A rather complex aromatic bouquet. Licorice, tobacco, coffee, molasses, spices and honey.

    The finish is long and warm with roasted and gingerbread notes.

    A dangerous rum :D

    I think it should be used in cocktails, or in a preparation of arranged rum. Indeed, this rum has great qualities (complexity and aromatic intensity). However, its strength makes tasting it "pure" dangerous and one misses its qualities.

    it will give a punch to a cocktail (Zombie) or I advise it with a drop of water.


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