Rasta Morris Foursquare 2005-2019 63.6

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Rasta Morris Foursquare 2005-2019 63.6°: Description and customer reviews

Rasta Morris Foursquare 2005-2019 is a molasses rum from Barbados. Distilled at Foursquare, it is a blend of column and pot-still rums. The ageing was done in two parts. First, it underwent a long maturation at the distillery, in old bourbon barrels. Then the Belgian bottler Asta Morris acquired this cask, which it left to age for a further three years in Europe.

14 years after distillation, 273 of these single casks have been bottled raw.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, intense aromas of toasted nuts and sticky toffee immediately take hold. Concentration is the order of the day, and the American oak seems to be overflowing with toasted coconut, blond tobacco and vanilla.

With aeration, the concentration does not wane, on the contrary. We are now in the presence of a rich paste made of chocolate, coconut cream, vanilla and fatty nuts. Some well dried fruits come to nourish this paste, we think for example of mango or apricot.

The palate is as sticky and indulgent as the nose suggested. Caramelised nuts gain more fruity flavours, with intense candied orange peel coated in melting cocoa. Concentrated vanilla reaches every corner of the palate, as does lightly toasted coconut meat.

The finish is quite dry, with a clean and massive spicy woodiness.

"A very nice concentration for this powerful rum that sticks to the palate..."

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    excellent product

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