ReimonenQ rhum vieux RQL 44° (old rum)

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ReimonenQ old rum RQL 44°: Description and customer reviews

ReimonenQ rhum vieux RQL is a pure cane juice rum, made from a "cœur de chauffe" white rum distilled in a Creole column, and aged in oak barrels for over 10 years.
It is presented here in a beautiful decanter.

This rum won silver at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris in 2012.

Nico's tasting notes

Connoisseurs of ReimonenQ's unique style will recognize it immediately on the nose. It has a very pronounced woodiness, but at the same time is very mellow and candied. It also has a very fresh fruity aspect, with apricot, peach and banana. Prune intermingles with these fresh fruits, supported by mirabelle plum brandy. The nose is so intoxicating as to be unreasonable, like a highly perfumed rose.
With a little rest, the cane comes back, as does a lovely cherry pit. The rum becomes even more pastry-like, candied, with a hint of marzipan. It is resolutely Guadeloupean in style, gourmand, with a few spices.

The palate is more intense than the nose suggested. The entry is dry, woody and spicy. The cherry stone, always present, really adds elegance to this rum. Then a long, exotic, fiery phase settles in the mouth for a long time. It's a full, intense moment that impresses.

A rather oily sensation coats the taste buds to finish, with lingering notes of pepper.

"Here, ReimonenQ develops its unique identity and know-how..."


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