La Canne à Sucre" Rum Box

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La Canne à Sucre" Rum Box: Description and customer reviews

This box has been designed by Rhum Attitude to let you explore the world of rum.

The 6 glass bottles each contain 6 cl of rum. For optimal tasting, 2 cl is enough. With just one bottle, you can serve 3 glasses.
So you can share your tasting with two guests.

This boxed set presents a variety of rum styles: sweet Spanish-style "ron", aromatic English-style "rum" and, finally, French-style "rhum" marked by the freshness and richness of sugar cane.

If you wish to taste several rums at the same session, we recommend that you follow the order presented in the box. The order of this selection, from left to right, has been established according to criteria such as sweetness and intensity.

You can start with Barcelo Imperiala "ron" with notes of vanilla caramel, then continue with the Chairman's Reserve Originala blend of rums made from iron stills and column rums, dry and delicious, with a dominant woody note.

You will then continue with El Dorado 12 ansa smooth, accessible 12-year-old rum from British Guiana, and Dictador 12 yoa Colombian 12-year-old "ron" with notes of caramel and roasted coffee.

Finally, we suggest you finish with two agricultural "rums" from the French West Indies, with HSE VSOPa 4-year-old rum (Martinique) offering notes of candied fruit with a masterful woodiness, and Longueteau VS with notes of apples and bananas, caramel and licorice.

The Rhum Box is the ideal gift for a rum lover.


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