Rivière du Mât Grande Réserve 40°.

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Wood - Complex - Sweet spices


Traditional molasses rum

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Rivière du Mât Grande Réserve 40° : Description and customer reviews

With the old traditional rum Rivière du Mât Grande Réserve, Reunion offers us a sun-drenched vintage with a remarkable aromatic bouquet. It is indeed under the tropical climate of the island, stored in oak barrels, that the rum has aged for at least 8 years.

Laurent's tasting note

It is between old gold and amber.

On the nose, you'll get baked caramel, "burnt rubber", raisins and vanilla, which makes for a complex whole.

On the palate, the attack is supple and you will find this rubber but less pronounced. The grape is still there and the barrel is felt.

The finish is exceptionally long, with grapes, rubber and a hint of pepper to lift the whole.

6 reviews

  1. Ms. Florence PASQUIER

    Product was as requested.
    Fast delivery

  2. Jean Marc Peroumalnaik

    Nice discovery

  3. Emmanuel Sourisseau

    Very pleasant on the nose but a little dry on the palate

  4. Mumu

    Very good product!

  5. Eric

    Very good choice

  6. Günter Asmus

    Excellent! Thank you!

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