Ron Colon Dark Aged 55,5°.

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Ron Colon Dark Aged 55,5° : Description and customer reviews

Ron Colon Dark Aged is a blend of molasses rums from El Salvador and Jamaica. Several styles and methods are represented. There are short and long fermentations, column and still distillations, white and aged rums... The base of this rum is a 6 year old rum from El Salvador. It was selected by cellar master Gabriella Ayala of the Licorera Cihuatán distillery. To bring strength and complexity, white rums from Jamaica (Hampden, Worthy Park and Clarendon) were added, as well as a 3 year old rum from the Worthy Park distillery.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, the exotic fruits are more than ripe, delivering a soft, warmly tropical flesh with a humid languor. A few sweeter and more acidic accents quickly bring a more sparkling side, which matches the heaviness of fruits such as jackfruit.

With aeration, the wild and full-bodied character develops, and we take off for Jamaica. Pineapple, mango, jackfruit, but also a very tasty dried banana.

The palate is also inhabited by the spirit of Jamaica, and gives us an attack of fresh rum, full-bodied and fruity. The power is not negligible, as is the astringency and spices that swarm the entire palate.

The finish is marked by the freshness of the distillate, and by this indomitable, irrepressibly seductive side.

"A powerful blend where the young Jamaican rums more than play their part..."

5 visitor reviews

  1. Pepe

    If you are looking to mix drinks, this rum is a must, so much flavour and richness just a real treasure. WOW!

  2. Max

    This is delicious stuff! Lots of wonderful tropical notes and super easy to drink for a high proof rum.

  3. Katy Wallace

    My new go-to rum! High proof, yet smooth and drinkable.

  4. Handan Castagneda

    Not if not the best rum I have ever tried!!!!
    100% recomendado!

  5. Handan Castagneda

    One if not the best blended rums I have tried!

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