Rum Runner Foursquare 15 years 58.3°.

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Rum - Traditional English Rum - Traditional molasses rum

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Brut de fût - Single cask

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Rum Runner Foursquare 15 years 58,3°: Description and customer reviews

Rum Runner Foursquare 15 year old is a molasses rum from the island of Barbados. It is a single cask that has been selected by the young French independent bottler Rum Runner. The brand pays homage to the fast boats that carried barrels of contraband liquor, including rum, during the prohibition era in the United States (1920-1933).

It is a rum that was distilled in a column still in November 2005 by Foursquare, a distillery built in 1737 on the site of an old sugar mill. It bears the MBFS mark. The rum then spent many years ageing in ex-bourbon casks, before being given a mystery finish...

It was bottled raw from the barrel in September 2021 by Craft Spirit. A total of 398 bottles were released.


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