L'Esprit Bélize Travellers 2007-2022 64.6°.

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L'Esprit Bélize Travellers 2007-2022 64,6° : Description and customer reviews

Esprit Travellers 2007-2022 is a molasses rum from Belize, the small Central American country bordering the Caribbean Sea.

Distilled in October 2007 by Travellers Distillery, this 15 year old rum was selected by Tristan Prodhomme, founder of the L'Esprit Rhum brand in 2010.

This single cask number BB 19 was bottled in January 2022, without colouring or cold filtration. It resulted in 258 numbered bottles.

Nico's tasting notes

The nose offers superb concentration from the outset, with vibrant, toasty, caramel-coated nuts and some darkly herbal depth. Vanilla and coconut are embedded in the molasses, in a thick, solid mix.

The aeration brings a good dose of greediness, with well-flavoured and fatty nuts, coated in a buttery caramel with fleur de sel. This intense nougatine is utterly irresistible, and melts away in true American oak style, with vanilla, coconut and light tobacco.

The palate matches the nose, very greedy and concentrated, with a very strong bourbon side. Indeed, the vanilla and the soft wood offer us an almost cereal-like, fat and mellow side, which abundantly coats the palate. The strength of the rum only reinforces its fatty side, and the still warm nougatine glues the taste buds with its caramel.

The finish is tasty, full of toasted nuts and butterscotch popcorn.

"A huge concentration of American oak for this rum that sticks to the palate..."


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