Saint James Ephemera n°7 BDF 2007 54,3°.

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70 cl










Wood - Sweet spices - Fruit - Roasting - Plant


Rum AOC Martinique - Pure cane juice rum

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Brut de fût


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Saint James Ephemera n°7 BDF 2007 54,3° : Description and customer reviews

This brut de fût 2007 is the second opus of the Ephemera collection. Selected by Marc Sassier, this cuvée is a tribute to the great vintages of the distillery.

This AOC Martinique agricultural rum was distilled in a Creole column, then put into 200-liter American oak barrels on March 21, 2007. The barrels were not topped off, and were removed on April 22, 2022. This rum has aged for a total of 15 years in a tropical climate, in the cellars located in Sainte-Marie.

It was bottled in a limited edition of 2720 copies.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, the fruity concentration is expressed through a solvent layer, as if exhaled from a newly waxed wood with encaustic. The exotic fruits are more than ripe, the mango is velvety and orangey, the pineapple is totally melted.

The aeration evacuates the lightest notes and definitively turns the page of youth to allow us to access an exquisite wisdom and maturity. The cane brandy seems very old, candied on itself, full of cherries and plums, honey, tobacco and melted spices.

The mouth of this rum is a concentrate of cane that aggregates in its juice powerful essences of wood and spices. Its perfectly regulated power allows to appreciate all its expressiveness, without ever getting burnt, but savoring a fire nourished by roasted aromas. Exotic fruits are pushed by refreshing tannins, in a massive and thick flight, as serious as greedy.

The finish is largely woody, spicy, then the pepper brings us back to the natural cane juice and candied bagasse.

"A very great agricultural rum from Martinique, dry and serious but but also ample and generous... "

4 reviews

  1. Kévin Prudent

    Excellent product already sold out

  2. Xavier Coheleach

    A marvel this rum

  3. Florian Prost

    Bottle well received and carefully packed.
    A delay in the delivery by worldwide relay could be solved efficiently by the team in charge at Rhum Attitude.

    I highly recommend it!


    Very nice vintage in the line of the N*1. Another bottle that is worth the detour for the amateurs of this distillery!

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