SVM 14 Years EMB Blend Plummer 64.8° and 69.7°.


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SVM 14 Years EMB Blend Plummer 64,8° and 69,7° : Description and customer reviews

The purpose of this 2-bottle set is to compare 2 similar rums, one of which has been aged entirely in a tropical climate, and the other in a continental climate.

The common points of these 2 rums from the Clarendon distillery (Monymusk) are that they are 14 years old, and that they fit in the "Plummer" (or EMB) category of the distillery.

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Nico's tasting note

These two rums have in common that they are built on a fairly light distillate. The difference in ageing is extremely telling. On the nose, the continental retains this resolutely light side despite its long maturation, whereas the tropical increases its potential tenfold and acquires a beautiful gourmet fullness. On the palate, the benefit of ageing would tend to be reversed, as the continental retains its character and enhances it with a nice concentration, whereas the tropical is completely carried away by the woodiness.

Here are their respective tasting notes:

SVM 14 Years EMB Blend Continental Aging Plummer 64,8°.

The nose is that of a relatively light rum, with slightly ethereal hints. A few floral and slightly bitter notes lick the rim of the glass, while a lemon that is still a little green begins to take on a more prominent role. In the hollow, we can also guess an almond milk, greedy but still a bit fresh.

The aeration does not modify the rum too much. Its pastry side settles a little more, taking with it some exotic fruits underlined by notes of pits. But the lightness remains, and the finesse of the flowers continues to dominate.

The palate is far more generous, and its power delivers a nice concentration of pastry notes. Indeed, after a rather lively copper blade, we rediscover almond milk, butterscotch and nougatine, all with a rather disarming strength. Light exotic fruit juices then enter the scene, only to melt once again into an exotic pepper almond cream.

The finish is peppery, somewhat metallic, and the more ethereal side of the rum comes back to crackle on the edges of the tongue.

"A fairly light rum that has benefited from its long ageing by developing pastry and fine fruity notes..."

SVM 14 Years EMB Blend Tropical Aging Plummer 69,7°.

The nose opens with a light hearted rum. However, the ageing process gives it a beautiful concentration and a mature profile. Behind a light veil of solvent, slightly oxidised stone fruits come to the fore, in a rather pastry-like register. Ripe exotic fruits start to show up, taking on a delightful and greedy fullness.

The aeration opens the way to more ripe fruit, but above all it allows the toasted oak to express itself a little more. We thus find notes of nuts, roasting, molasses, concentrated in a rum bubble.

On the palate, the rum is lively and invasive, and immediately develops very pronounced woody notes. One can imagine a rum that has drawn from the heart of the oak, taking with it all the resin and tannins it contained. As this rum is relatively light, this woodiness is all the more obvious. It seems quite green to us, with almost medicinal notes.

The finish retains some notes of stone, almond cream and black fruits in brandy.

« After a concentrated and fruity nose, one discovers a very woody mouth marked by tannins... "



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