Swell de Spirits Barbados 2006 60,6°.

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Wood - Sweet spices - Solvent


Rum - Traditional English Rum - Traditional molasses rum

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Brut de fût


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Swell de Spirits Barbados 2006 60,6°: Description and customer reviews

Swell de Spirits Barbados 2006 is a molasses rum produced by the Foursquare distillery. Founded in 1996 by Richard Seale on the island of Barbados, this independent distillery has been owned by the Seale family since the beginning.

The rum was distilled in October 2006 and aged for 14 years on site in first-fill American white oak barrels containing bourbon.

It was only in January 2022 that it was bottled cask-aged and un-chill-filtered by Swell de Spirits, for a total of 387 numbered copies.

Nico's tasting note

The nose is filled with the typical solvent of a well concentrated English style rum. However, here, no exotic fruits that go in all directions, but rather a classy and serious woody, almost a little severe in the first moments.

Aeration slowly reveals a concentrated American oak, full of aromas, tense, ready to explode, or rather to spill a lava made of coconut milk, vanilla, black tea and blond tobacco.

In the mouth, the rum sticks to the palate with a very nice intensity, and melts right away into a quite delicious syrup adorned with copper notes. It then distils its flavors of toasted coconut, caramelized nuts and vanilla, in a classic but very greedy style.

The final is tasty and vanilla, full of soft American oak like blond tobacco.

"A pure, intense Foursquare, bourbon barrel-aged rum model..."


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