The Nectar Nicaragua 17 years 2000 48.2°.

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The Nectar Nicaragua 17 years 2000 48,2° : Description and customer reviews

This Nicaraguan distilled and casked rum has been aged for 17 years in bourbon barrels.

Nico's tasting note

On the nose, the rum is rather light and marked by the charring of the barrel. Relatively powerful despite a reasonable degree, its aromas are for the moment quite fine and carried by the alcohol. A dry vegetal sensation emanates from the wood. This is a rum that deserves a little time to open, because its profile evolves enormously after a few minutes: woody roundness, ripe fruit, fresh and resinous vegetal. The strength of the alcohol remains fiery despite everything.

The palate is seductive and surprisingly complex. After a frankly woody attack, the oak tannins deliver a whole series of vegetal, spicy, resinous, almost medicinal aromas, with a greedy roundness. The wood comes back softened, whitened and tender, giving it the air of a fat vanilla tobacco.

The finish is balanced, with our soft oak and a hint of roast.

"Don't miss out on a little airing time, you will discover a very seductive and tasty rum..."


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