Tres Vidas Anejo Organic Tequila 40

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Tres Vidas Anejo Organic Tequila 40°: Description and customer reviews

This 100% organic agave tequila is produced in the state of Jalisco, in the heart of the "Tequila Valley", and has been distilled twice.

It was then aged for a few months before being bottled.

Tasting note from Thomas

The nose is well balanced. While the creamy agave is recognisable, there are hints of roasted pineapple, fresh white fruit and almond milk. Then there are smells of hazelnut, red fruit toffee, lemon balm, sandalwood, ice mint and spices (nutmeg, star anise, white pepper). A beautiful complexity coupled with a melted profile for a contrasting starting point without any jolt.

The texture, in the mouth, is supple and it is with a lot of subtlety that one advances. The agave and pineapple are revealed by the pepper. Meanwhile, a bath of greedy dried fruits (hazelnuts, almonds) envelops the second part of the mouth despite the return of agave and lemon balm. The spices (nutmeg in particular) are then more present but only serve to support the other flavours.
The whole is very fresh and easy to drink. Moreover, the light touches of red fruits and toffee ensure a greedy background.

The finish is soft, not very powerful but aromatic. Almond, agave, lemon balm and spices dominate. A welcome fruity return (pineapple, hazelnuts) offers an interesting twist to this end of tasting.

"A playful, gourmet tequila, where the fruitiness meets the agave with subtlety... "


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